High-speed Elevator

Highlight Value

With “innovation” spirit to lead the forefront of the times, the exquisite craft into cutting-edge intelligence, in the wave of energy saving in twenty-first Century, showing the upper wise efficient and robust, with one of the respected personality interpretation movement success unique leadership style.
With the rapid development of China’s urbanization, high-rise office buildings and hotels, super high speed and large capacity elevator market prospects, at the same time, for the elevator speed and load requirements are getting higher and higher. As the leading brand of the elevator industry, SANEI elevator through the tough, fighting, developed a more advanced, more robust, more efficient, more high-quality high-speed elevator, a steady stream of brand elevator to inject new vitality!


Traction machine

Strong surging power, reflecting the charm of high-tech, ultra low running voice, thanks to high precision processing technology. Energy saving and environmental protection design, against the pursuit of green ecology.

The luxury LCD display

Display screen color brightness and brightness have good performance. Whether it is dynamic or static text can be sharp display.

Door opening, door area creeping control panel


SN 3000 Motherboard

Blue background high brightness large screen man-machine dialogue interface, super computing speed is more powerful.

Energy feedback device


High speed elevator control system


Intelligent design of high efficiency, to create high-end, Jinling type delivery standard

Business area, high efficiency first. To greatly enhance the service efficiency of the elevator business, SANEI using the computer intelligent control system, multi microcomputer, modularization, network control, intelligent management, the elevator operation real-time feedback, provide more efficient service for the customer care.

High speed, leading the road ahead

SANEI broke the foreign elevator brand in the field of super high speed elevator technology monopoly, became the first successful development of ultra high speed elevator domestic enterprises. SN series of elevator car business with high speed and 8.0m/s height 2.8m, leading you into the peak.

A new shock absorber

The damping device is arranged between the car body and the car frame, the barrier to good effect on vibration generated during the operation of elevator, elevator to ensure smooth and comfortable; the car wall combination type connection, to ensure stable and good sealing and mute effect in the car and air pressure.

Super high speed elevator serial control system

The control system uses the dual 32 bit network intelligent serial communication elevator special control system. The system greatly improves the operation speed of CPU. Four laminated sheet technology, CAN bus serial communication, so as to ensure a large number of high-speed data, reliable transmission.

Terminal subtraction technique

The pit distance required by the super high speed elevator is longer, if the car can be guaranteed to limit the speed to a lower value before reaching the terminal buffer, the depth of the pit and the height of the top layer can be correspondingly reduced. Using the terminal stroke reduction technology is to ensure the security of the system to achieve the purpose of shortening the buffer stroke.

Integrated control system, open up a new green process

SANEI integrated control system is a new generation of intelligent vector control system integration, integrated dual 32 bit computer system, CAN serial communication, the closed-loop vector control technology, sensor technology, load load compensation starting model PWM dead time compensation technology, the elevator control and drive combined with Canbus, Modus communication will be perfect really, to achieve the integration of the whole device has compact structure, small size, less wiring, higher reliability, more simple operation, more economical.

Matching energy regenerative feedback technology, playing a new green movement

The high purity renewable energy generated, unloading the burden of the grid, to maintain the elevator room normal temperature, prolong the life of the elevator, reduce harmonic pollution, purify the grid environment, the elevator energy consumption reduced by 30%~70%. Improve operating comfort, achieve perfect control.

More rich configuration, a full range of care

Control of the scientific management system, fault diagnosis system of high efficiency, light curtain protection door sensitive area monitoring, earthquake advanced, reliable operation function, which reflect customer care and meticulous.

Parameter Table

Rated LoadPersonsDrag MethodRated Speed(m/s)Net dimension of car(mm)Dimension of door opening(mm)Dimension of hoistway(mm)Dimension of machine room(mm)Over head(mm)Pit depth(mm)





Details PC version

Well layout

Standard Function

FunctionDescription of functions
>Automatic operationThe lift automatically runs and stops, opens / shuts the door according to designated command.
>Operation by operatorThe lift automatically runs and stops, manually shuts the door according to designated command.
>Overhaul operationUnder repair and inspection conditions, the lift runs at inspection speed through operating
“slow up / slow down” buttons.
>Automatic door-shut
After the car door has been opened completely, it keeps the door open condition. It automatically
shuts the dnnr after time-delav.
>Call for opening of this floorWhen the lift is shutting the door or it does not start but has closed the door, when there is any
outer calling from this landing, it will reopen the door.
>Light curtain protectionWhen optical curtain has been shaded,it immediately
stops door-shut action and automatically opens the door.
>Overload none door-shutIt does not shut the door in overload. And it is bright from overload lamp. The buzzer rings.
It shows CZ or overload In the car and does not start the Ilft
>Full-load direct runningWhen it reaches the rated load, it only responds to internal selection instead of outer calling.
>Automatic lighting controlIn the stipulated time, If the lift does not receive any travel command, the lighting will a utomatically
die out. It automatically opens at command.
>Firefight returnWhen It starts home landing fire-fighting switch, all the commands will be cancelled then.
The lift Immediately drives to the designated landing and park there.
>Mal-operation removalRepeatedly operate internal selective button to cancel mal-operation registration
>Main contactor protectionAfter the lift executes door-shut command, if the door has not been closed within the
stipulated time, it will re-open the door and then shut it again.
>Service floor settingThe lift only serves the set floor.
>Home landing floor settingUnder the automatic condition, if there is automatic ally run to the set landing. no command within certain period, the car will
>Landing floor, direction display in the carIt shows the landing floor of the lift, the direction where the lift is going to travel in the car,
>Direction chosen by driverThe running direction Is determined by the driver’s directive.
>Trouble diagnosisWhen there Is something wrong in the travel process, it will automatically diagnose the trouble
cause, display in the operation panel and automatically store the latest trouble Information.
>Safety circuit protectionIf safety circuit is disconnected, the lift will immediately stop the travel.
>Door Interlocking
If It closes all of door Interlocking, it can then start the Ilft. If door Interlocking is disconn ected or
trembled, the lift will stop the operation.
>Travel contactor
The system can detect whether motor circuit contactor action is reliable or not. If any abnorma
condition happens, it will stop the lift travel.


FunctionDescription of functions
>Brake test protectionIt Implement real-time monitor to the brake open / shut through brake arm test switch. If the brake
has been opened improperly, the system will not allow the lift to start.
>Terminal speed change and landing floor number correctionAfter the system detect terminal switch in travel, the lift will be forced to change the speed and
automatically correct the landing floor display.
>Position-Limit protectionIf the system detects limit switch action, It will immediately stop the lift travel.
>Limit protectiorIf the system detects limit switch action, the whole system will Immediately lose power
>Over-speed protectionWhen the lift up / down exceeds 1.2 times of the rated speed, it will cut off control mains and stop the lift travel.
>Landing floor, direction displayThe floor landing shows the landing floor that the lift travels and where it travels also.

Optional Function

FunctionDescription of functions
>Opposite door service settingCorrectly open / shut the door in the corresponding floor according to service setting.
>Fire-fighting runningAfter fire switch is closed, the system enters into fire-fighting running.
>Parallel connection controlTwo-lift parallel connection control automatically responds the command according to rapid energy-saving
principle so as to Increase the lift travel efficiency.
>Group supervisionThe system can simultaneously control the travel of eight-lift. The function is the same as that of paralle
connection control.
>Anti-nuisanceWhen the lift travels to the furthest floor, it will remove all the internal selective register. If it has load testes
it will have three light-load internal selections at most.
>Emergency automatic
leveling travel
After the electric net power failure, the lift emergency automatic-leveling control device supplies power
to travel leveling so that the passengers can leave there safely.
>Hoist-way hall arrival gongUnder the condition of normal travel arrival, voice announcer is used to announce the related
passengers’ Information.
>Hoist-way hall arrival gongThe electric gong that is installed In the car announces the passenger lift arrival to vast passengers.
>Intellectual calling serviceThe electronic gong in the waiting zone announces the lift arrival to the waiting passengers.
>Intellectual calling serviceThe car command or hoist-way hall calling can be locked or connected through the special Intellectual Input equipment
>Service to the handicappedMan-machine interface specially serves the handicapped people.
>Electronic Punch Card SystemThe users shall swipe card In using the elevators. Those who do not have cards or have no jurisdiction can’ t use the elevators. It enlarges the safety management of the house property personnel and effectively saves power loss In the buildings.
>Energy feedback deviceIt offers regenerated lift power to the buildings. It is effectively applicable for lighting In the buildings etc.
so as to reduce the consumed power.