Machine Roomless Passenger Elevator

Breaking Space Limit

SANEI machine roomless passenger elevator combines its appearance and functions, and provides roomless solutions with rich design alternatives, and integrates the advanced technologies including stale operation, saving space, energy saving and environmental protection etc, and provides unlimited creation potential for the limited space in the modem building, which is very popular in the market. It is suitable for the places including the high-rise resident buildings, office buildings and hotels with higher requirements of civil engineering.


Stable and reliable

Valium Sold Online Its design meets the European sophisticated standard, and integrates advanced driving technology and control technology perfectly, and its operation is stable and comfortable, and it can reduce the vibration and noise, and make the passengers enjoy the re-assuring and comfortable riding experiences.

Highly efficient space

SANEI machine roomless passenger elevator has oompactec components, flexible and reasonable layout, providing bigger-sits car in the same shaft.

Parameter Table

Rated load(kg) Persons Drag method Rated Speed(m/s) Net dimension of car(mm) Dimension of door opening(mm) Dimension of hoistway(mm) Over head(mm) Pit depth(mm)
Width Depth Width Height Width Depth
630 8  





1.0/1.6/1.75 1100 1400 800 2100 1900 1800 4100/4300/4300 1500/1600/1600
800 10 1.0/1.6/1.75 1350 1400 800 2100 2000 1800 4100/4300/4300 1500/1600/1600
1000 13 1.0/1.6/1.75 1600 1400 900 2100 2250 1800 4100/4300/4300 1500/1600/1600
1150 15 1.0/1.6/1.75 1850 1350 1100 2100 2660 1750 4100/4300/4300 1500/1600/1600
1250 16 1.0/1.6/1.75 1950 1400 1100 2100 2760 1800 4300/4500/4500 1600/1700/1700
1350 18 1.0/1.6/1.75 1950 1500 1100 2100 2760 2000 4300/4500/4500 1600/1700/1700
1600 21 1.0/1.6/1.75 1950 1750 1100 2100 2760 2200 4300/4500/4500 1600/1700/1700

Details PC version

Well layout

Standard Function

Function Description of functions
>Automatic operation The lift automatically runs and stops, opens / shuts the door according to designated command.
>Operation by operator The lift automatically runs and stops, manually shuts the door according to designated command.
>Overhaul operation Under repair and inspection conditions, the lift runs at inspection speed through operating
“slow up / slow down” buttons.
>Automatic door-shut
After the car door has been opened completely, it keeps the door open condition. It automatically
shuts the dnnr after time-delav.
>Call for opening of this floor When the lift is shutting the door or it does not start but has closed the door, when there is any
outer calling from this landing, it will reopen the door.
>Light curtain protection When optical curtain has been shaded,it immediately
stops door-shut action and automatically opens the door.
>Overload none door-shut It does not shut the door in overload. And it is bright from overload lamp. The buzzer rings.
It shows CZ or overload In the car and does not start the Ilft
>Full-load direct running When it reaches the rated load, it only responds to internal selection instead of outer calling.
>Automatic lighting control In the stipulated time, If the lift does not receive any travel command, the lighting will a utomatically
die out. It automatically opens at command.
>Firefight return When It starts home landing fire-fighting switch, all the commands will be cancelled then.
The lift Immediately drives to the designated landing and park there.
>Mal-operation removal Repeatedly operate internal selective button to cancel mal-operation registration
>Main contactor protection After the lift executes door-shut command, if the door has not been closed within the
stipulated time, it will re-open the door and then shut it again.
>Service floor setting The lift only serves the set floor.
>Home landing floor setting Under the automatic condition, if there is automatic ally run to the set landing. no command within certain period, the car will
>Landing floor, direction display in the car It shows the landing floor of the lift, the direction where the lift is going to travel in the car,
>Direction chosen by driver The running direction Is determined by the driver’s directive.
>Trouble diagnosis When there Is something wrong in the travel process, it will automatically diagnose the trouble
cause, display in the operation panel and automatically store the latest trouble Information.
>Safety circuit protection If safety circuit is disconnected, the lift will immediately stop the travel.
>Door Interlocking
If It closes all of door Interlocking, it can then start the Ilft. If door Interlocking is disconn ected or
trembled, the lift will stop the operation.
>Travel contactor
The system can detect whether motor circuit contactor action is reliable or not. If any abnorma
condition happens, it will stop the lift travel.


Function Description of functions
>Brake test protection It Implement real-time monitor to the brake open / shut through brake arm test switch. If the brake
has been opened improperly, the system will not allow the lift to start.
>Terminal speed change and landing floor number correction After the system detect terminal switch in travel, the lift will be forced to change the speed and
automatically correct the landing floor display.
>Position-Limit protection If the system detects limit switch action, It will immediately stop the lift travel.
>Limit protectior If the system detects limit switch action, the whole system will Immediately lose power
>Over-speed protection When the lift up / down exceeds 1.2 times of the rated speed, it will cut off control mains and stop the lift travel.
>Landing floor, direction display The floor landing shows the landing floor that the lift travels and where it travels also.

Optional Function

Function Description of functions
>Opposite door service setting Correctly open / shut the door in the corresponding floor according to service setting.
>Fire-fighting running After fire switch is closed, the system enters into fire-fighting running.
>Parallel connection control Two-lift parallel connection control automatically responds the command according to rapid energy-saving
principle so as to Increase the lift travel efficiency.
>Group supervision The system can simultaneously control the travel of eight-lift. The function is the same as that of paralle
connection control.
>Anti-nuisance When the lift travels to the furthest floor, it will remove all the internal selective register. If it has load testes
it will have three light-load internal selections at most.
>Emergency automatic
leveling travel
After the electric net power failure, the lift emergency automatic-leveling control device supplies power
to travel leveling so that the passengers can leave there safely.
>Hoist-way hall arrival gong Under the condition of normal travel arrival, voice announcer is used to announce the related
passengers’ Information.
>Hoist-way hall arrival gong The electric gong that is installed In the car announces the passenger lift arrival to vast passengers.
>Intellectual calling service The electronic gong in the waiting zone announces the lift arrival to the waiting passengers.
>Intellectual calling service The car command or hoist-way hall calling can be locked or connected through the special Intellectual Input equipment
>Service to the handicapped Man-machine interface specially serves the handicapped people.
>Electronic Punch Card System The users shall swipe card In using the elevators. Those who do not have cards or have no jurisdiction can’ t use the elevators. It enlarges the safety management of the house property personnel and effectively saves power loss In the buildings.
>Energy feedback device It offers regenerated lift power to the buildings. It is effectively applicable for lighting In the buildings etc.
so as to reduce the consumed power.